“This is my boss.”とは言わない?

“This is my boss.”とは言わない?

090429David A.Thayneさんの『その英語、ネイティブにはこう聞こえます』からこんな例文をピックアップしました。「こちらは私の上司です。」 ”This is my boss”この本によると、ネイティブの間では、特に本人を前にしてこのような言い方はしないとのこと。ETCのカーラ先生に確認をしたところ、上司に対するこんな思いがあるかどうかで意味合いが変わってくるとのことです。どんな思いなのでしょうか。

■出演 ・カーラ先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・青樹洋文


(David A.Thayne、小池信孝 著、主婦の友社 刊) 

番組 Transcript

(※ 出演者が話した言葉をそのままテキストにして掲載しています。)

Yes. Of course you can use “boss”. OK. But maybe it’s you are very close relationship with your boss. And you like your boss. You are proud of that he is the boss, because he is a very good boss. And thanks to him, many things are going working well including you are learning a lot from him. So also it depends on who are you introducing to. But if the word is exactly as the situation of business, you will rather say, “this is my supervisor”, this is something related from words.

So I mean, that’s why I really emphasized, when you write for the students, that don’t be too narrow about the sentence. Again think which is the situation you are.

Q: What do you mean narrow?

Narrow? Narrow minded.OK? Because I think one of the usual mistakes or difficulties for, not only Japanese but for English learners or any language is that we tend to memorize as we think we always use it. That’s fine when you studied language at the beginning, you need to look at your books, you need to study the right grammar, right way to say as a language. But later, when you are going into the conversation, into the real world, you need to listen and to look more and to see how people using the language in the different situation or read. Then is when you can actually master.

Because if you just say, OK, this is a great book and I like it very much. And It’s a good book to think about your mistakes in this kind of the situations, that is why there is explanation in here in Japanese. But this book doesn’t tell you that you can not use that. Right? So then when you go and you use it, don’t always use as the book says, because then again you will make the same mistake.

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