One Planet Cafeのこれから~One Planet Cafe Zambia 特集(8)



・ペオ・エクベリ(Peo Ekberg)
環境コンサルタント、OneWorld Network代表、One Planet Cafeアドバイザー


アフリカの英語に触れる~Speaking English Around The World.

番組 Transcript

One Planet Café, if anyone wants to help, who listen to this, please contacts us. Because this is not only our project, this is the project that we hope can open up new possibilities in Japan too. And if you ever chance to visit Zambia, please go to Zambian to the national park there. It’s amazing. And it’s comparatively very safe. And people are very happy, always smiling, I think Japan will fall in love with Zambia

So what is a plan of One Planet Café in future?

We will open up, we will build a new learning center within a year, probably. A big African style learning center in Mfuwe near the national park. So that is the first goal we have. Then we will see, maybe, maybe we can do something with Japan in future.